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Smallify your abstract goals, apply the Minto Pyramid to practice clear communication and get inspired by the success rate of Peter Levels.

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Starter » take bite-sized action

So you’ve got your vision. Does it often feel daunting and out of reach? I’ve been there, we’ve all been there. A healthy antidote is to break down that vision into small goals that eventually lead to that goal of building a unicorn, founding your own company or whatever it is – reframe your mind like this. ↓

  • Want to make millions? → Make $1000 first.

  • Want to lead 20 people? → Manage yourself first.

  • Want hockey stick growth? → Get 10 customers first.

  • Want to attract investors? → Generate steady revenue first.

  • Want to scale globally? → Dominate your local market first.

  • Want to build a strong brand? → Earn 100 positive reviews first.

  • Want to automate processes? → Optimize 10 manual tasks first.

To get even more specific: you might have a yearly goal, which could translate into quarterly goals – one of these goals could look as follows. ↓

Each of the items below reaching $5K MRR is the key result that we are looking to achieve as a smaller goal leading up to that bigger quarterly goal (almost like OKRs yes). So if you go through this process of "reverse engineering” your goals, you will quickly get a lot more security to build up the tangible momentum to reach those goals in the next week, month and years to come. And that’s exactly why you should smallify your goals: to design your efforts in a way that you feel that momentum continually building. It’ll take time, but trust it will come once you set your mind to this process – try it!

» Act to achieve the smallest thing first. «

(I am building a Notion-based Project OS that has this logic built in. If you would like to have it, reply to this email and I will get you early access)

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ϟ Tools – 5x update highlights

  • Pixel Surplus → High-quality font and design bundles.

  • NiceVeryNice → Template design for web developers & designers. – MEMBERS-ONLY

  • → Free and premium tools for graphic designers.

  • Craftwork → Find and download the best high-quality 3D and vector illustrations, fonts, designs and mockups.

  • UI8 → UI Design Resources, UI Kits, Wireframes, Icons and More. – MEMBERS-ONLY

䷀ Reads – 5x update highlights

  • Strategies to pre-sell your SaaS → A detailed breakdown of how to pre-sell your SaaS to ensure you are on the right path to product-market fit.

  • The content strategy maturity model → A useful way for choosing the right approach to content marketing via 3 phases: experiment, systematize, and differentiate. – MEMBERS-ONLY

  • Unship to improve product metrics → How to successfully sunset features internally at an organisation or externally to customers.

  • Big project syndrome → Uncover the flaws of big projects & top-down ideas in modern organizations. Learn to prioritize outcomes, seize opportunities, & start small for success. – MEMBERS-ONLY

  • Dozens of ideas to boost startup growth → Discover clever growth tactics for your product with examples of successful Turbo Boosts that accelerate business growth temporarily.

⦿ Streams – 5x update highlights

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