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founders.menu 026 » 20x design tools, 7x reads & 5x new streams added

 Keyboard Shortcut text replacements, a model to visualise and avoid mental resistance and ways to grow your startup.

Happy Sunday. ☼

Read time this week → 5.24 minutes.

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Starter » take bite-sized action

The first time I set this up, I couldn’t believe something so seamless was integrated across all my Apple devices. Keyboard shortcuts can at least double your everyday digital workflow. Especially by those recurring things you type out every time, like phone numbers, email addresses, calendar scheduling links… you name it. The best way is to set up what you want to use with repeat characters like @@ or ## or ++ or /URL and replace the text with exactly what you need, so you can be very clear in what you want to recall.

An iterative usecase I am adding today is recurring text snippets. What I often repeatedly go looking for is the founders.menu one-sentence pitch. For this, I set up /pitchfm, so that it resolves into “The #1 startup library for any-stage founders to find the best tools, reads, streams & handmade templates.“ I’ve also done exactly the same for early.tools – it’s just something I often have to pitch, so this makes precise delivery a lot easier.

I highly recommend you try the same and continue to iterate after you see it appear. There’s a big difference between writing a pitch out mindlessly and reading it for the first time by recalling it from a keyboard shortcut. You will approach things with a fresh perspective and refine your pitches this way.

Main course » founders.menu update

ϟ Tools

䷀ Reads

⦿ Streams

⟐ Templates

743 [+20]

117 [+5]

47 [+5]

10 [-]

2x new blog articles

On a side note: I’ve been SEOing founders.menu and achieved a 100% perfect SEO score over the past week… it was a lot of work, so I am excited to see what SERP impact this will have. Here are also 2x new articles:

  • The 10 FOUNDERS Commandments → Principles to master bootstrapping your way from idea to business. Carefully researched and curated with (re)sources for deeper study.

  • Why Bootstrap Your Next Startup? → Put validation, profit, and traction first. Forget about raising any funds. You'll learn that bootstrapping as long as possible is the best starting point.

ϟ Tools – 5x update highlights

  • Mockuuups Studio → The fastest way for designers and marketers to drag & drop visuals into 4400+ device mockups. – MEMBERS ONLY

  • Smart Mockups → Create stunning Create stunning product mockups easily and online. – MEMBERS ONLY

  • Frrames Mockups → Perfectly crafted responsive windows mockups for your ideal presentation.

  • Mockup Maison → Explore 1800+ high-quality PSD and video mockups across various categories.

  • 099 Supply → Discover digital tools for creatives. An ongoing series of product mockups for Photoshop and components for Framer. – MEMBERS ONLY

䷀ Reads – 5x update highlights

  • 4 pricing principles to apply today → More things to consider than "start with something that isn’t $0 and you’ll learn plenty". – MEMBERS ONLY

  • 1000 true fans → A true fan is defined as a fan that will buy anything you produce. These are some methods on how to acquire the mindset to get them.

  • How to overcome decision anxiety → Decision anxiety causes fear of making the wrong choice and later suffering the consequences. This is how you might overcome it. – MEMBERS ONLY

  • How to make big decisions → Learn about the “existential cycle,” which really has four stages: doing, contemplating, preparing, and experimenting.

  • Question bank → Over 350 ready-to-go questions for your research projects. – MEMBERS ONLY

⦿ Streams – 5x update highlights

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