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founders.menu 024 » 856 item detail pages launched

How to build great lead magnets, leveraging prospect theory as well as health advice for mind and body.

Happy Sunday. ☼

Read time this week → 5.3 minutes.

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Starter » take bite-sized action

A lead magnet will help you do two things when building your business: 1. Grow a prospect list & 2. Continuously be able to qualify leads to sell or cross-sell to. For founders.menu, I have 8x lead magnets that are free downloadable Notion templates – here is the full scope of the live templates. ↓

What’s great is that I have these listed on Gumroad marketplace and Notion template marketplaces, where people looking for specific single-page templates can get help with a highly specific template. The best part? You can guide prospects from one template to the next and offer them a free trial or discount as a special thank you for getting that template (I do this in each one). Offering these on your website (like I do in the template content type or even more prominently) is a surefire way to build a growing lead list.

A lead magnet then is nothing more than a quick and dirty infoproduct. So what type of lead magnet could you build? Try these formats. ↓

  1. Google Slides/Excel/Doc template

  2. PDF Checklists/Guide/CheatShees

  3. Figma Plugins/Templates

  4. X-Day Email course

  5. Code boilerplates

  6. Free consultations

  7. Notion templates

  8. Whitepapers

  9. Free trials

  10. Webinar

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it gets you started with the first step of building a lead magnet as I’ve just shared on 𝕏 this week. Gatekeeping any downloadable behind a Gumroad page will also help you build authority as prospects can leave reviews, signalling to others your lead magnet is the right choice. Once you get that email address from a customer, you can set this automation with the newsletter publishing software of your choice. ↓

Main course » founders.menu update

ϟ Tools

䷀ Reads

⦿ Streams

⟐ Templates

703 [-]

105 [-]

38 [-]

10 [-]

Today, the first version of item detail pages launched. This is particularly helpful for Streams, so you can stay on the platform and dive into more founders.menu ingredients that are highly relevant to the same stage of the business you are building right now. This is also a huge step since this means 856+ pages will be indexable on Google for founders.menu as of today. With optimisation just around the corner, this is just the start of a very discoverable platform. Many updates in this direction are still to come.

What’s next? expand the detail pages with more context and launch Guides with the many shared “Mental models” from this newsletter.

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