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founders.menu 022 » get the LinkedIn Sales CRM template

60x new ingredients added to the founders.menu, a free social listening hack for X.com and ways to improve writing by Jeff Bezos.

Happy Sunday. ☼

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Starter » take bite-sized action

Social listening tools like GummySearch.com or Syften.com are becoming more relevant because they allow you to proactively engage with content that either mentions your brand or the niche you are building for. But they are expensive and not always very useful, so I created a free hack for social listening on 𝕏. For namerarity.com for example, I set up search terms like “naming strategy” or “naming agency”, created a folder on Arc and bookmarked tabs for each. I check these once a day in my regular X engagement sessions to maximise online visibility. Social listening doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated… You can do the same by following the instructions below via x.com/search-advanced. The best part about this free hack? It’s pull, not push. You get to choose when you engage.

(I also recommend setting up your main keyword alter at f5bot.com in case you want to see what people are talking about on Reddit…).

Main course » founders.menu update

ϟ Tools

䷀ Reads

⦿ Streams

⟐ Templates

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Templates – 1x update highlight

The LinkedIn Sales CRM is a tracker to help you do tailored prospect reach-outs. Yes, automations like LinkedIn Helper or Expandi exist, but you need to learn and customise every reach-out, not just blindly connect without context. Do the thing that doesn’t scale consistently, even if it takes longer… You will learn & grow the most that way. This template will even get you started with 3x highly converting messaging templates for each stage of your LinkedIn Sales funnel. Adapt them and you are ready to go. The database automatically calculates your connect:reply percentage and your average time to get connected or calls scheduled, so you know where to improve your cold reach-out procedure. I’ve used the contained 7-step process to book calls after hundreds of LinkedIn connects – you can do the same. ↓

ϟ Tools – 5x update highlights

  • ContentDrip – Create LinkedIn carousels, everyday posts with professional templates, repurposing & more.

  • Abyssale – Creative automation platform saves designers 90% of their time and give marketers autonomy to perform.

  • Placid – Creative automation toolkit to generate images, videos & PDFs from dynamic templates. – MEMBERS ONLY

  • Bannerbear – Auto-generate social media visuals, ecommerce banners and more with API and integrations.

  • Invideo – Video creation with ready-made templates that you can quickly customize even if you’ve never done it before. – MEMBERS ONLY

⦿ Streams – 3x update highlights

What’s next? Continue curating into the Design Tool category (all Distribution category tools have been added) and ship item detail pages (still WIP).

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