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A first look at the newly launched, a smoke screen landing page builder to help you validate ideas in no-time.

Happy Sunday. ☼

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I AM SO PUMPED TO INTRODUCE PRE.PAGE in a special edition of this weekly newsletter. A good friend of mine is visiting me from Sweden. We’ve built software together in the past with Eric taking the technical part and myself the marketing, design and copywriting.

Eric and I have built, tested and validated so many products we’ve been obsessing about a kit that could do it all without needing to hack together a stack that would allow us to 1. Design & build a website (Webflow, Framer, Carrd…), 2. Track visitors, especially clicks (Google Analytics, Fathom, Hotjar...), 3. Collect email addresses (Mailchimp, GetWaitlist…) and 4. Iterate our messaging super fast. The best idea validation method we like to use? A fake buy now button to see whether prospects are truly willing to pay.

To our surprise, we did not find any single service that would allow us to do this easily and got way too excited about the looming time to get into the nitty-gritty details of building software again with a shipped MVP. ↓

We built as a (no pun intended!) in 24 hours and have big plans for this tool, which will go so much further than tying together at least the four services I just mentioned. But the first version of the is essentially what is known in the industry as a smokescreen or fake door test. It will live alongside 3x idea validation methods you can choose. ↓

So what is exactly? A website builder designed for idea validation with fake buy button landing pages and other validation methods. So you can stop building useless sh*t and build an idea customers can fall in love with before you go all in on it. Want to get a feeling of all this? We even had time to make a quick video to showcase the builder functionality on

Our goal with Simple. We want to stop fumbling in the dark and not have to glue together different services (and learn their best practices) just to validate an idea (that might not work) – here is a special launch offer. ↓

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Will return next week…

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Nothing new on the platform. paid members do get a special -50% discount for a lifetime deal on Grab yours today!

What’s next? Finish curating the entire distribution tool section, ship item detail pages next week and write more articles to rank better on search.

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