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  • founders.menu 020 » LinkedIn outreach tactics & The Johari Window mental model

founders.menu 020 » LinkedIn outreach tactics & The Johari Window mental model

785x ingredients on the menu additions: 21x distribution tools, 7x deep dive reads and 5x inspiring streams.

Happy Sunday. ☼

Read time this week → 6.3 minutes.

A warm welcome to 4x new subscribers who got a template, an account or signed up directly for the founders.menu newsletter – it’s great to have you!

It’s time to restructure this newsletter. :) Over the past week I reflected and spoke to some early users who wished for more actionable items in this weekly newsletter. Interestingly this coincides with a much-needed refocus of my time to warrant the effort I spend on this weekly newsletter. What better time to do this than issue 020 this week with a new structure:

  • Starter » take bite-sized action

  • Main course » founders.menu update

  • Desert » hack your founder’s mindset

  • Sides » this week on early.tools

  • Fín » food for thought

If you found the “past week’s startup highlights” useful/something you looked forward to every week, let me know in reply to this email. It was sadly the most time-intensive item on the menu, so I decided to let it go.

One ask → if you have a minute at the end of this newsletter, feel free to reply with your thoughts & suggestions for this structural change to the newsletter.

But without further ado, let’s get into this week’s edition. ↓

Starter » take bite-sized action

Recently I started doing about 20-40 daily LinkedIn cold reachouts for an agency I am trying to build. The connect rate is about 10-11%, with 5x Nos and 4x interested prospects with calls yet to be scheduled. I am quite confident that this strategy will work out with volume (which is honestly the only way to approach sales in 2024), so I summarised it in a quick tweet.

I highly recommend you try this, even though LinkedIn automation services exist… Why? Because you take time to look through every profile to determine whether they’d be a good fit, it forces you to put serious thought into who your ideal customer profile is, instead of building a network of useless connections.

I even went as far as creating a funnel-type Notion template to track these reachouts and conversions, so I always know who to follow up with. If you would like a template like that, simply reply to this email. :)

Main course » founders.menu update

ϟ Tools

䷀ Reads

⦿ Streams

⟐ Templates

646 [+21]

100 [+7]

30 [+5]

9 [-]

ϟ Tools – 5x update highlights

  • QRBud – Generate easy & customizable URL QR codes in minutes.

  • y.gy – Shorten Links. Make QR Codes. Analyze Traffic. Stop Bots. Do everything by API. MEMBERS

  • Bitly – URL shortener, QR Codes, and Link-in-bio pages to engage your audience and connect them to the right information.

  • Share.Clinic – Fix your ugly social media links and create richer links for better results. MEMBERS

  • OSlash – The only AI system you need—to craft delightful user experiences, automate workflows across apps, and transform data into insights.

䷀ Reads – 5x update highlights

⦿ Streams – 5x update highlights

What’s next? Finish curating the entire distribution tool section, ship item detail pages next week and write more articles to rank better on search.

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