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founders.menu 018 » boost your ability to do better in sales

Securing #1 product of the day on Uneed, a mental model to empathise with prospects to negotiate better in sales & an SEO mindmap to boost your growth tactics.

Happy Sunday. ☼

Read time this week → 4.52 minutes.

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This week, founders.menu was featured on Uneed and secured the #1 spot of the day. Thank you for the support if you upvoted. Uneed is an up-and-coming ProductHunt alternative that works similarly with a ranking of a week, month and even year… Should I launch on ProductHunt next? 👀

But without further ado, let’s get into this week’s edition.

Starter » a mental model

Empathize to Negotiate Sales

Sales is never easy. Most prospects will approach your pitch with a healthy or even unhealthy amount of scpecticism, which is just another way to say: they have reservations towards your offer and aren’t quite sure – yet. If you play into what they feel (prospect) or felt (personal), you can communicate what you found (facts) to move persuade them.

Apply this model → “I understand you feel X about Y – I felt the same, but once I found Z, it was more than worth it.“ or try this → “I totally get that Y can lead to feelings of X – I felt the same back when I was Y2, but when I found Z, it changed everything for me”.

This model is all about making sure your prospects feel understood, which is essentially bridging that gap of scepticism with emotions by getting personal and backing your claims up with pure facts.

The F Triangle is originally by Kevin Duncan & adapted by Julian Paul

Ponder this →  where is the next opportunity you can apply the feel, felt, found model to better empathize with your prospects & close that deal?

Main course » founders.menu update

ϟ Tools

䷀ Reads

⦿ Streams

⟐ Templates

625 [+25]

84 [+7]

18 [-]

9 [-]

ϟ Tools – update highlights

  • Sales Playbook → A non-conventional approach to selling for all department levels of a mature org. MEMBERS

  • Find my audience → Gather intent-based audience insights to uncover search trends, and unlock new ways to reach them. MEMBERS

  • SparkToro → How to get better ROI from Content, SEO, Social, PR, and Performance Marketing.

  • BuzzSumo → See how much interest brands and content generate in the wild.

  • Sentione → Brand monitoring, trend analysis and customer analytics tool for marketing teams. MEMBERS

䷀ Reads – update highlights

  • VC mapping → A database of over 2500 investors and venture capital firms in one place.

  • Every leader needs a “user manual” → Your coworkers are probably misinterpreting your behavior as insensitive, lazy, or cold. Here’s how to stop the friction before it starts. MEMBERS

  • The net promoter score → We shouldn’t be distracted by an NPS that doesn’t actually measure that.

  • The epsilon method → Instead of trying to go from zero to one, we’re going from one to one plus epsilon, where epsilon represents our small change. MEMBERS

  • 5 psychological tactics to write better emails → Unlock the secrets behind powerful emails with consumer psychology expert Phill Agnew. Learn how small changes can yield remarkable results.

What’s next? Continue to build out the product detail pages to strengthen search engine presence and discoverability.

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