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founders.menu 017 » official blog launch with 5x posts

Learn about what it means to be a Nowist, direct roadmap integration, new blog posts and innovation-centric startup news.

Happy Sunday. ☼

Read time this week → 3.5 minutes.

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Starter » a mental model


Similar to the ancient stoics, Max McKeown wrote about the need to focus on the NOW in order to excell as humans in 2016 – NOW is where change truly takes place. Overindexing on the past will shift focus away from what you can change in the future. “Nowists” seek joy in doing things because they love the process over the results. “Thenists” suffer from regret and worry because they dweel in what can never be changed.

I’d only like to add that the optimist Nowist therefore is most likely to achieve growth and success in life. It is especially that optimistic approach that will help you tell a story worth telling for decades to come.

All entrepreneurs are fierece optimistic Nowists.

By Kevin McKewon, adapted by Julian Paul

Ponder this →  where are you overindexing on your past? Break that thought pattern and shift your focus forward.

Main course » founders.menu update

ϟ Tools

䷀ Reads

⦿ Streams

⟐ Templates

600 [+17]

64 [+5]

15 [-]

9 [-]

ϟ Tools update highlights

  • Close → Sell more efficiently by unifying your outreach, engagement, and automation into a simple, flexible CRM.

  • Copper CRM → The CRM that works for you, so you can spend time on relationships.

  • BreakCold → Nurture B2B contacts effortlessly in less than 30 minutes per day using email & socials to close deals faster. – MEMBERS

  • Attio → Powerful, flexible and data-driven CRM to build the exact CRM your business needs.

  • Sizle → Fast, secure document sharing with live analytics and lead insights. – MEMBERS

䷀ Reads update highlights

Newly formatted founders.menu/blog with 5x fresh articles & founders.menu/roadmap integrated

On top of that, I also reformatted the navbar, to add more clarity into what the website’s brand is with a logo, the two main navbar items and a members section have moved to the right on the desktop version of founders.menu.

What’s next? Add item detail pages, so the entire founders.menu has a better opportunity to get discovered via search.

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